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Sweetly Does It 3D Carousel Cookie Cutter Kit (7 Pieces)

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  • Construct a spectacular sweet treat that's as fun as the fairground with Sweetly Does It's 7-Piece 3D merry-go-round cookie cutter set
  • Use the cutters to make detailed little biscuit shapes. Once baked, they simply slot together like a yummy 3-dimensional jigsaw puzzle!
  • Includes everything you need to get started. You only need to add cookie ingredients, plus icing to decorate and 'glue' it together
  • Perfect for parents looking to bake something amazing with the kids - with easy-to-follow instructions and pictures featured on the box
  • Packed in a Sweetly Does It box, it makes a fun gift. Use with fondant, gum paste and non-edible clays too. 12 month guarantee