Dexam Stainless Steel Fridge/ Freezer Thermometer, Silver

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No more guessing whether your fridge or freezer is the right temperature - the numbers on the dial are not usually an indication of the temperature.

A fridge should stay between 3°C and 5°C, any higher and the food will go off, any lower and you'll lose nutrients and fresh food can be ruined. Your freezer should operate at -18°C and you should check it periodically.

Hang this handy stainless steel thermometer in your fridge and freezer accurately measures the temperature so you maintain safe temperatures which will store food safely and stop bacteria forming. Or you can stand it on its flat base.

To use it in a fridge place it anywhere in the compartment, to use it in a freezer place it near the top of the freezer.

For domestic use only.

This thermometer measures from -30 to +30°C, so could also be used as a kitchen thermometer.