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Crusty Bake Non-Stick Pizza Pan / Crisper, 32 cm (12.5")

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  • Say goodbye to undercooked pizza bases - this clever crisper pan features tiny holes for a perfectly crisp texture and great taste
  • Big enough for a 12" pizza - and it's great for crispy chips and authentic bruschetta too
  • State-of-the-art double Quantum II non-stick coating means your pizzas simply slide off (and of course it's BPA and PTFE free)
  • Part of the Master Class Crusty Bake award-winning collection
  • Protected by Master Class's 20 year guarantee and five year non-stick guarantee

Create that perfect crispy base on your pizza! This baking tray is ideal for baking crispy based pizza, featuring aerating holes to crisp the dough during the cooking process and producing that professional finish to your kitchen creation. You can also use this tray for bruschetta or for warming bread, adding that delicious crisp finish. Let's banish the soggy bottom forever!

A revolutionary new take on our award winning Master Class bakeware that creates the perfect crispy crust. Carefully selected, the Crusty Bake range in Master Class includes key items for baking and cooking anything dough and pastry related. Cook with confidence using kitchen tools and equipment that are perfect for the aspiring chef. A true Master Class.